Variety of Video Formats with Interactive Design
Give Consumers Rich Ad Experience

All-In-One Innovative Video Ad

We committed to develop innovative video ad formats and value consumer viewing experience and engagement. We help advertiser to plan the best ad placement on cross-screen/ cross-device for ad delivery and provide consumers with quality video ad viewing experience. Through us, you can rapidly capture consumers’ attention and communicate with them.

E Series

E series are expandable video ads that attract consumer attention and achieve better exposure.

E series can bundle with the banner ad, further strengthen the brand image.



Engaged Video (EV)


Engaged video ad combines the image and video ads, expands at the perfect focal point above the fold, and plays automatically. Engaged video ad is great capture consumer attention.

Engaged Cover (EC)


Engaged cover ad overlays the entire webpage to attract consumer’s attention to the video. It expands to play the ad and automatically shrinks to its original size when it finishes.

Engaged Mobile (EM)


Engaged mobile ad overlays the entire mobile webpage that effectively draws consumer’s attention. It can combine with video and image creatives to build brand awareness.

Ping Pong


Ping Pong uses our own innovative webview video technology and combines with video, banner, and image carousel. This ad format is only available at Sales Frontier. It can be used as a small event page and strengthen the brand communication.



Magnifier is a special ad format that uses two layers of design. When the viewer clicks on the banner, the banner expands to Ping Pong ad. It is only available at Sales Frontier.

More Creative Ad Formats


Coming Soon!

Eye Series

The eye series use banner placement to play video ad. They are eye-catching to consumers.



Big Eye Box

(PC Version)


Big eye box replaces traditional monotonous image ad with dynamic video ad to capture attention.

Big Eye Box

(Mobile Version)


Big eye box is designed to be suitable for mobile browsing. It places at the focal point of the mobile webpage to attract attention.

Golden Eye Billboard


Golden eye billboard locates at premium ad placement within the viewability of the webpage. It integrates banner and video ads, combined static and dynamic, doubling the visual effects.

London Eye


London eye expands automatically at the focal point of the webpage. It is great to capture consumer’s attention and achieve brand communication.