Connect to Our Video Ad Network
Precisely Target the Audience for Every Ad Delivery

AdPlus Connects to a New Video Advertising World

The age of multi-screen age has set off a new wave of video advertising. With years of experiences and media resources in the advertising network, Sales Frontier adopts the latest Google DoubleClick ad management platform and multimedia video HTML5 ad technology to provide advertiser with diverse ad format options.


We aim for precise delivery by connecting to AdPlus video technology and quality media in Taiwan. Our advertising team offers exclusive ad solution for you that every penny in your budget is fully utilize to achieve expected goal.



One-stop ad buying service

We offer AdPlus integrate video ad solution. Whether it is direct sale or programmatic buying, we provide advertisers the best solution for cross-media and cross-device video ad buying service.

Cross-screen marketing with precise target audience

We provide customized Data Management Platform (DMP) to accurately target the audience. We can control the number of times ad appear to the same consumer. It reduces the invalid impression and fully utilizes the advertising budget. Also, we provide integrated cross-platform report that effectively tracks and analyzes ad performance.

Various creative ad formats

We use HTML technology to develop innovative rich media formats with high-resolution videos and provide consumers quality-viewing experience.